Awerty; I love you; I ,iss you: The Q is supposed to be q A:

Everytime I come back to my dear office in Belgium, I am confronted by a painful argument between my computer and my keyboard. It usually goes like this:

Keyboard: “CTRL+ALT+DELETE plz”
Computer: “aight. Login!”
Keyboard: “Username is ‘Be326753′”
Computer: “What? Be”é§è(“?”
Keyboard: NO. NO. NO. NO.

Repeat process, though blinded, for the password. At least twice. On the third attempt, passwords are blocked.

The frightening truth, is that this has been the highlight of my day. It’s now 2pm I have been back in Belgium (working) for nearly six hours now, and have yet to actually have any reason to be here. I have a list of random Dutch messages for me to ignore/badly-translate, though ultimately it comes down to me sitting at a desk, waiting to find out why I am actually sitting here.

I have a post covering my previous week in Switzerland, I should probably work on that!