Hitting the slopes..

This morning the Ghentelady and I are embarking on a glorious 936km road trip to Les Deux Aples, one of but many ski resort towns in the French alps.

Whilst our dear Ghentlelady is without doubt competent with all things ski-related, this will be the first time I have attempted strapping two pieces of wood to my feet in ten years, and even then – it was on the Australian Alps of all places.

I’ll be sure to report back any discrepancies between the two national skiing-treasures, eh.


Hello Wereld!

For the past six months I have been itching behind my computer to start typing my random, and frequently stupid, thoughts. This morning I finally cracked, and am now slurging the internets with my musings once and for all.

This blog is to document the increasingly more and more bizarre life of a young gentleman living in Gent, the third largest, and arguably loveliest, city of Belgium.

It will follow his musings through Belgian cuisine (it exists!), beers (there are over 2000 of the damn things!), music (he imports most of that) and other cultural oddities (this will be a little too frequent), as well as his travels through other countries (though probably just Berlin, he likes that place).

Happy reading, hopefully there will be many happy writings!

Map of Flanders V.S. Ned Flanders