Ghentleman vs. Benevolent Blogging

Dear subscriber/Google-Indexing-robot,

My last update was in July 2008. The last time I visited this site was in July 2008. I must be frank here – I am a terrible blogger. Stinkingly terrible. I open my computer every day of the year, spend more time taping at the keyboard than I do talking out of my own mouth. Yet still I don’t have the drive to actually tap something of any significance about anything. I just tap.

I find that unless I have some sort of driving force to make me do something, I generally don’t do it. I don’t study unless there’s an exam. I don’t send an email unless someone is waiting for a response. I don’t make a cup of tea unless I damn well want one and I certainly don’t blog unless someone has asked for it. But who asks for a blog? From me? The most unreliable blogger this side of the equator?

So this is where Benevolent Blogging comes in.

For the past few weeks I have been experimenting with a system – a brilliant system – that takes the necessary self-motivation out of blogging. Every week I get a nagging automatic email asking me to write about one of many topics. It’s a simple concept, but so far it is working.

The concept is currently being tested by me and a few of my good super-internet-pals, and for what it’s worth I think we’re all having a dandy time with it.

For those curious (there are currently three readers of this website – I am one of them), the new benevolent blog is here: