Ghentleman Project: Milk Inc.’s Race

For the past twleve months I have been bluffing my way through biweekly Dutch-language classes in the hope that one day I’ll be able to ask my non English speaking grandmother-in-law for a beer. I have found my progress to be pretty slow on account of missing most classes from being in France/Italy/Wherever, and that whenever I actually speak with a Dutch-speaking soul (that isn’t my grandmother-in-law) it’s most certainly in English. Generally speaking, a Dutchman/Flemming is just too practical to waste time with linguistic difficulties and will only speak in a language that both parties can speak. I wouldn’t be surprised if people learn seven or eight languages here just in case.

Recently I have been trying to find the drive to actually get off my arse and learn some of the language outside of the compounds of my classwork. When I was in Italy I did a lot of this by ordering pizza and attempting to talk to my local supermarket employees, however here in Belgium this all happens quite smoothly in my dear Australian mother tongue. As such – I am resorted to other measures.

And this is where my dear super-hero Regi, of Belgian super-90s-trance-pop-but-not-from-the-90s group Milk Inc, comes in. I have been listening to his darling music for the good part of this weekend, and have concluded with a superbly bad idea: I am going to cover these perfectly cheesy English-penned songs in Dutch. My calculations all lead to maximum success and extreme wealth. This concept can not fail. The songs are painful, the lyrics are laughable, and I may learn as many as three new Dutch verbs.

My first project is Milk Inc’s 2008 classic ‘Race’ from their critically (Belgian Critically) acclaimed fifth album ‘Forever’. It is also their thirtieth single. These vocal trance bands just never quit.

Epic film-clips courtesy of Youtube: