How Much Is that (Painfully expensive swiss watch) in the window?

Things You May Not Have Known About The Geneva Airport Unless Your Flight Was Delayed By A Strike In Brussels #1078:

Before any intercom anncouncement, the first five notes of ” How much is that doggy in the window?”  are played.

It seems I am not the first person to notice this.

Yes, my plane has been delayed long enough to justify this post. My humble appologies, Internet.

Kaka doen!

Kakadu, not Kaka doen

I handed my dear Flemmish girlfriend a brochure on all things Australia, in an  attempt to try and sell the idea of a holiday this Christmas.  She was impressed by the idea of a “Yarrah Valley’ with its 50 wineries and many tasty restaurants, though she couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of a “Kakadu”, which roughly translates into “Do a poo” in Dutch.

Funny times.

Annelies, Kaka-doen?

Belgian Beer Review: Pater

In Belgian terms, Vosselaer is on the other side of the world to Gent, being exactly 101 km from the steps of my appartment. So it comes as no surprise that the beer of Vosselaar has never in the past made it to my refrigerator. Why drive 101 km when your local options are just so damn good?

Fortunately via the miracle of modern-logistics, the local beer-shop delivered me two of Vosselaer’s finest beers from the brewery ‘De Lelie‘, Dutch for ‘The Lily’, however tonight I only want to waste your time on one – the damnnnnn fine dark brew ‘Pater‘ (Dutch for Father)

This daddy of beers is amazingly dark (at least in the light I am writing in – which is to say ‘candle lit’), or amber if you believe the packaging. The taste is subtle, a little caramelly, a light hoppy after-taste, and an over-all glow-enducing sweetness that is neither sweet enough to rot teeth or encourage any silly post-pouring sugar lumps.

Pater has an alcohol content of 6%, quite a low value for the beers it shares fridge-space with, however this makes the perfect after-heavy beer when a simple pintje (lager) just won’t do.

Apparently I was supposed to let this beer settle for a few months to encourage further maturation in the bottle, however it’s Saturday night and who has time for that sort of nonsense. Not me, that’s who.

A few nights ago I started off with the De Lelie’s primary beer, “Paus‘ (Dutch for ‘Pope’), however this was not an entirely memorable experience. The beer was a little too malty for my liking, and didn’t really register on my palate. At least not enough for a review, to say the least. I remember drinking the entire glass, I suppose. So it can’t have been that bad.

Pater = 8/10.
Paus = Drunken, but nowhere near as good as Pater. I’ll give it a token 6.5 -> 7/10.