A death in the family

My beautiful children,
There is no easy way to tell you this so I will just write it bluntly.
Our beautiful Stegs died this afternoon after being attacked by 2 husky dogs in our front yard.
She wasn’t bleeding at all. I think I got there before anything like that could happen. I think they must have broken her neck somehow and she died inmy arms . Perhaps of a heart attack. I will never know. It was useless taking her bto a vet as she was dead before I even manaGED TO GET HER INTO THE PETPACK.
I had the pound come and collect the dogs. They stayed sitting in the front yard for 1and a half hours after Stegs died. The council came baCK TONIGHT TO GET A STATEMENT FROM ME . i HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO (Bloody caps lock and tears) press charges but I decided what good would come of it. Just some other pet lover would be distressed as I am tonight. So I chose not to. That doesnt mean the council won’t go further. But that is up to them.
Dad is going to bury her next to Lady Cat and this is the last animal I am ever having.
It is too sad when you lose them.
I had to tell you this straight away as I knew you would want to know.
Email was the easiest way for me to go about it.
Take care my lovely ones.
I love you .

There are times living 16359 kilometers from your loved ones is hard, and then there are times living 16359 from them is near impossible. My poor ol’ cat Steggles never really understood why I disappeared up to 18 months at a time, nor why upon my returns I would spent so much time out of the house drinking booze instead of running around  the backyard with her chasing lizards. She always waited for me at the top of the stairs, meowing her head off until I’d exhausted us both with stick chasing and hiding behind bookshelves. Every morning she’d race outside at the first hint of an open door, and scream her little lungs out until I was outside with her.

This Friday she would have reached a ripe ol’  age of 15, which is quite a significant achievement for anyone, let alone a cat who not only put up with the Hanney’s but a climate absolutely against the concept of a thick winter coat.

Steggles, there will forever be a spot at the bottom of the bed waiting for your return. I will never look at a backyard the same way.

I am sorry I was not there for you in the end, though I am more sorry I was not there for you these past years. Rest in peace little one.