Belgian postal service approved two week holiday

King Albert on his very own Belgian Stamp
King Albert on his very own Belgian Stamp


One of the more peculiar annoyances of living in Belgium lies within the typically very prompt and useful postal service.

Any item larger than a letter is generally delivered by way of an ‘IOU’ note, kindly requesting the recipient to run down to the post office to pick up the item.

The catch is that these items are retained in the post office for exactly 14 days, and on the 14th day are kindly returned to the sender.

Until this silly Australian strolled in with his care-free over-14-day-holiday ways, I doubt that the send-parcel-back policy had rarely been enforced. However in the past five years of my Belgian stay I’ve been bitten by the lost parcel blues on more than one occasion.

Which brings me to my latest Belgian Moment: I am leaving the country, and will be back in exactly 12 days, just in case Johan the post-man is waiting for me in Brussel.