Missing Glamour

Misses Glamour 2011?
Marina never misses the glamour

A few weeks ago Ghent was overwhelmed with Flemish beauties by way of the 2011 ‘Misses Glamour International’ competition, soon to be staged in Antwerp, Ghent’s neighbour city 40km to the East.

I was fortunate enough to receive a how-to-vote card from the delightfully Misses Glamour contestant Marina, who most certainly  Misses Glamour in her own very special way.

If you feel that Marina Misses Glamour the most, please feel free to send an SMS to 3822 with the text ‘MGI07’.


Check out these amazing missing glamour photos on her facebook! This woman is incredible!

Marina Deberdt with SWORD!
Marina Deberdt with SWORD!