Belgium’s hottest newsreader?

Tonight may have been the first time I’ve made it all the way through the news until I reached the sports report. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a sign my integration isn’t going as quickly as it should be. In any case, tonight I discovered Catherine Van Eylen, Flanders’ favourite sports reporter.

I’ve never really been able to decide whether she is as cute as a cucumber, creepy, or both. As I was going to make the post to ask you all the question, I checked my daily feeds and found Huug had only yesterday posted about Catherine’s ability to reignite his fire for Star Wars by dressing in second charity curtains.

Instead of posting my 30 second video of Catherine introducing the Flemish cyclists of the week, try your hand at translating this article by Huug!

So! Hot or not? Regardless of Huug’s insistence of star wars curtain mash up, I’m still very happy for her to read me the bicycle news of the day.

I vote “hot”, but Maybe not quite enough to get through another sports report…