Snowy snowy Christmas

st niklaaskerk, originally uploaded by durexxx2006.

Whilst Gent is covered in snow, I managed to sneak out on a Eurostar for a relatively snow-free London Christmas.

Look at that white city above, eh? what a place. Heading back on Tuesday (provided Eurostar is capable of getting through the whiteness for a return journey), in time for some snowy new years times.

4 thoughts on “Snowy snowy Christmas

  1. hey which plugin are you using for comment notification> i just installed one (didn’t know they existed!) but it seems like it might be different to yours…

    1. I think I’m using stock-standard wordpress for comments/notifications, to the point that I’m actually logged into to make posts and do all the other blah-blah.. Perhaps there is a difference between the wordpress installed on yoursite vs. the one the chumps have from start a fake blog here ‘n find out? Or better yet, become a admin at Dirty Dancing O.S.T., basically a mix tape between me ‘n Adam (

  2. ah i hadn’t picked up on that, yeah i’ve installed on my server, but i did have a .com blog too so i can experiment on that. i guess i’ll stick with the new plugin i’ve put in, it should wokr ok. thanks for inspiring me! it always annoyed me that the site didn’t do a notification.

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