Westvleteren almost acquired!


After a mere 17 calls, I finally secured two crates of cherished Westvleteren beer for pick up next week.

For folks back home, Westvleteren is a notoriously hard beer to acquire, sold only from the brewery and limited to two crates per car, per 60 days.

The two crates can only be ordered, usually two weeks before hand, by calling the brewery “beer hotline” between 930 and 12.

This beer hotline appears to be a solitary cheery chap, gladly taking his orders in glorious West Flemish.

Today, is a good day!

2 thoughts on “Westvleteren almost acquired!

    1. This was indeed that trip! And nope – haven’t seen any pictures.. also, we didn’t go to the cafe around the corner from the brewery, they have incrreeeddibly stinky cheese made with the beer, it’s as delicious as it is stinky!

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