Record of the day: Citay ‘Dream Get Together’

I’ve been listening to Citay’s new record ‘Dream Get Together’ a little too much this week, neglecting almost everything else in its wake. Sprawling guitar solos, over the top 70s inspired prog-rock and quirky boy ‘n girl lyric interchange. This could be another one of those binge albums that I’ll over-consume and never listen to again, however only time will tell.

In the meantime, I thoroughly suggest you give it a listen. If I were a numbers man (WHICH I AM!) I’d go out of my way to rate this a steady 7 out of 10.

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Beards and bands and sold out venues

The other day whilst drinking my daily dose of beers at the Beirhuis, a tour poster above the urinal caught my attention. I had never heard of any of the advertised bands, but dang yo that was one good looking band (Great Lake Swimmers). Nice photography, I thought. Nice beards. Beards say a lot about bands as of late, I thought. Nice. I am going to go home, sober up over a period of days, and damn well listen to these bands and very much consider going to one of these shows.. That was what I thought, before drowning another Trappist.

Having sobered up this morning (exactly three days on), I ventured over to the venue website and found that it had already sold out. After seconds of disapointment, I opened up Spotify and found that with beardness comes a certain degree of musical blandness. Whilst I appreciate Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and all the other well-groomed bands that popped out in 2008, sometimes I can’t help but think that there is a line to draw in the sand. A line I am quite content calling “December 31st 2008”.

Anyway, if you’re in Gent, still in a pro-beardy mood, and already have a ticket for the gig, I suggest you click play below and have a listen to Great Lake Swimmers before I totally move on and listen to some more Peaches, or, something.