Robot Burgers


On the ever continuing mission to fool myself into thinking burgers can exist no matter how far one is from New York, I ventured out to De Robot, one of the rising stars in the (novel to Belgium) bars with food, to sample their locally heralded cheese burger.

The bun was your stock standard Belgian roll, hard and crunchy but nevertheless useful at withstanding the epic (and perfectly cooked) patty within.

Nice slice of melted cheese and gloriously buttery onion, with salad on the side.

Odd choice of crisps in place of the norm-Flemish Fries, but overall everything felt as it should be.

If In-and-Out burger were a thousand kilometres closer I wouldn’t think twice about Robot’s burger again, but as this is indeed the wrong side of the Atlantic (and now also the wrong side of the channel – see Admiral Codrington in London for some truly inspiring buns) I must say that I will be back!

If anything the bar is warm and delightful with just enough delicious beers to wash down even the bluest of blues- this could very well be the new default of choice here in sunny Ghent.